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Full Patch Notes
Version 1.02 (24th November 2021)

Valid for all versions (PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam).

  • Achievements/trophies - Added map screen markers for Elite vehicles (so you know which ones are remaining when going for "The Professional" achievement). These are located on the "faction" panel.

  • Achievements/trophies - Drastically increased the chance of Elites appearing when the game has been completed and all factions have been defeated. This will further help you clean up on all the achievements if not already awarded. (Generally I'd expect the final achievements to be unlocked AFTER story completion.)

  • Achievements/trophies - Further increased chance of Elites spawning in Citadel zone.

  • Difficulty Balancing - Collision damage from enemy vehicles and bosses rebalanced and lowered.

  • Difficulty Balancing - Slight reduction of toughness on later bosses.

  • Difficulty Balancing - Lowered difficulty of Dark Haven slightly and Sentry Ranges to a larger extent. (This is to reduce the spike that I think most people are experiencing at this point in the game. Note: I've not made it easy, just a bit more manageable and less frustrating, hopefully. You still need to figure out your tactics and weapon usage for these.)

  • Difficulty Balancing - Lowered damage from Juggernaut spread-shot guns. (It was too easy to get caught and destroyed quickly. I might adjust this further in another update but I'm going to sit with it like this for now.)

  • Difficulty Balancing - Reduced toughness of Juggernaut boss trailers slightly.

  • Difficulty Balancing - Damage dealt by player from front and side attacks is now slightly higher. And, modifiers from the combat attachments have been boosted.

  • Difficulty Balancing - Ashen Order's truck electro gun now fires a very narrow spread. (This is to make it less annoying, but let me know if this is now too easy.)

  • Difficulty Balancing - Reduced damage very slightly from N.S.R.'s truck spread gun.

  • Difficulty Balancing - Slowed the rotation speed of military truck guns and limited their spawning to one only. (To ease the difficulty a little on Sentry Ranges.)

  • Difficulty Balancing - Prevented common pickups (i.e. repairs, currency, charge and ammo) of the same type dropping more than 3 times in a row. I think this is a fair compromise between not killing the RNG and making sure you don't get a load of repeats.

  • Difficulty Balancing - When on very low health you will now be guaranteed a repair drop from a destroyed enemy (except when that enemy is tagged as a schematic carrier.)

  • Difficulty Balancing - Reduced strength of the final boss energy beams. (Were referred to as a "one shot kill" in a review. Whilst this isn't the case, they were doing a lot of damage if you didn't get out of the way quickly.)

  • Controls - If desired, D-pad can be used for in-game movement when a right-handed controller configuration is selected.

  • Progression - Standard Machine Guns have a much higher chance of unlocking in the first cargo run.

  • Progression - Much higher probability of Slick Tires unlocking earlier.

  • Car Setup - Scaled payments for repair or reload in Car Setup. (For example, you now don't have to pay the full amount for a small repair.)

  • Pre-stage Actions - Boosts that affect secondary weapons will now be offered on a boss stage [i]only if[/i] more than half ammo is remaining. (They ended up being a bit unappealing otherwise.)

  • Pre-stage Actions - Slight increase in % effect on the following boosts: Quality Tooling, Shock Absorber, Deflective Coating and Protector. (Note: The design goal for boosts is that they are marginal effects, not big game changers, hence not having large % values. They can JUST make the difference between success or failure, especially against a boss.)

  • Pre-stage Actions - Expanded Clip boost now gives you ammo equivalent to the capacity increase.

  • Pre-stage Actions - If you've previously unlocked all achievements but not received the final platinum-style one (called "Driven") then this should now unlock when you boot up the game next time and move from the Press Start screen to the Main Menu.

  • Pre-stage Actions - Fastloader boost will now only appear for secondary weapons with a higher fire rate. (It isn't very useful for lower fire rate weapons.)

  • Pre-stage Actions - Fill Charge action is now excluded from being offered on boss stages where it is not likely to be useful, depending on the equipped charge ability.

  • Pre-stage Actions - Lowered the cost of a "Full Repair" action.

  • Pre-stage Actions - "Swap charge ability" should now not be offered at the start of a boss stage when charge is low. (This was usually a redundant choice due to the low or zero likelihood of picking up enough charge in boss stages.)

  • Arcade mode - Increased chance of unlocking certain key weapons earlier (or at the appropriate point in the game).

  • Arcade mode - Failing a stage now adds 20% health, 2 charge and one clip of ammo for the next attempt. (This is to address the potential frustration of having low health/ammo every restart.)

  • Arcade Mode - More currency is earned from enemy drops so that it's easier to purchase more updgrades, in line with the shorter play time.

  • Arcade mode - Schematic drop chance greatly increased.

  • Menus - Renamed game mode menu title from "New Game" to "Game Mode". (It seems like some players are interpreting this selection as difficulty, but it isn't. I'm hoping to make things a bit clearer here in a future update with some explicit difficulty options.)

  • Bugfix - Major problem with player fire-based weapons that meant they were only inflicting repeating fire damage and no shot impact damage. (This is why they've been reported as underpowered!

  • Bugfix - Occasional bug where enemy vehicles spawn backwards (mainly seen on Ochre Wastes with SUV pairs.) 

  • Bugfix - Issue where side collisions with Combustor might incorrectly result in fire damage from engine flames.

  • Bugfix - Issue with combat attachments (front and side spikes, etc.) which meant that damage to the player car wasn't reduced.

  • Bugfix - "Focused Rounds" boost wasn't affecting Flamethrower or Plasma Focuser.

  • Bugfix - Prevented Spearhunter (hovercraft) boss harpoon firing when player car is ahead of it. (Would never detach if this happened!)

  • Bugfix - A couple of driving edge data issues in Dark Haven. (These caused enemy vehicles to occasionally crash into the roadside.)

  • Bugfix - Prevented "Lucky Charm" and "Treasure Seeker" boosts being offered if no schematics are available.

  • Bugfix - Corrected colour of hit effect from Ashen Order flatbed truck electro gun. 

  • Bugfix - Elite enemies count now included in Game Completion percentage calculation.

Steam Only:

  • Added version number visible on Options menu (bottom right of screen)

  • Added keyboard+mouse control configurations (right handed and left handed) for those who want it. NOTE: This is only implemented in gameplay initially. There is still no mouse control for menus. Mouse controls have been requested on the Steam forums so I will be adding them in a future update.

  • Changed the Reverse skill keyboard key from TAB to X. (This is because the Steam Overlay could be called up when reversing and firing a secondary weapon, with R SHIFT!!).

  • Fix for menu selection being lost if going out and back into Options -> Controls menu with keyboard.

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