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PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita (Cross-Buy)

Nintendo Switch - TBC

A unique slice of abstract action and gameplay purity. Collect, dodge, expand and squeeze your way across 60 intense levels. Can you achieve the tricky “Perfect” on them all?

Daily Challenge: Test your skills with a new random level every day.

Supported languages: E.U. version - English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Russian.

Supported languages: U.S. version - English, French, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

8/10 - Pocket Gamer

"The longer you stay with Minutes the more layers it has to reveal, and it perpetually blossoms as you play."

  • Retro-influenced gameplay

  • Clean, abstract, modern visuals

  • No story, script or characters - Just PLAY

  • Music and Sound Design by Black Bag Music

  • 60 one-minute stages of layered challenges

  • Cross-Save sync feature

  • 60fps / Max resolution on PS4 and PS Vita

  • "PSN" scoreboards and trophies

Tip 1: Switch size frequently.

Minutes is a tough game. I designed it that way. But, it shouldn't be too difficult to hit the scores needed for the first star on each stage and therefore make your way through the 60 stages.

The first thing to realise is this (you probably do): The bigger the player circle, the bigger the score multiplier.

So, staying big is a good idea but...

...this only matters when collecting light energy. So, when not collecting it's sensible to switch back to the smaller sizes.

Tip 2: Take risks with dark energy.

Don't be too afraid of taking damage from the dark energy. You DON'T lose points when this happens.

The player circle can take a limited amount of damage before exploding. You can use this safety margin to capture light energy while staying big but also touching dark energy.

When you've unlocked it, the Fortify powerup can be used to reduce the damage taken and this let's you risk a little more.

Being risky can make that difference in the final score.

When you are more familiar with the game and the stages, then you can start trying for the No Damage medals.


Tip 3: Let the level lead you.

Generally, the pattern of energy shapes will lead you to the position that you need to be in.

For example, look for where lines are going to cross over. This is where you need to be.

Go where it leads you but be careful of sneaky sections that can violate this principle and use powerups to get out of trouble if necessary.

Pulsers can screw around with this idea too so I'll talk about them in the next tip.


Tip 4: Dealing with Pulsers.

Pulsers are the annoying little shapes that change from dark to light energy and back again. Sorry! :)

They change every 2 seconds. Before changing, the centre of a Pulser will flash white 3 times. Always 3 times.

It's tempting to rush at one when it's light-coloured. Often it will change before you get to it. Pulsers = patience!

Also, be careful of Pulsers that are just coming onto the screen. You won't know how close they are to changing.

Take these points on board and you will find that you "lock in" to how Pulsers behave and the stages that contain high numbers of them will become easier.


Tip 5: Beating the Beams.

Dark and light beams both limit player horizontal movement to a greater or lesser extent.

Prior to firing, the beam's emitters will appear on both sides of the screen. The colour and shape inside the emitters indicates whether the beam will be dark or light. This is a peripheral indication so look for the colour of thin beam that appears before firing. Touching this will not damage the player (or score any points).

To maximise score, cover the entire height of the beam. This is always possible, even at the smallest player size.

If you need to pass through a dark beam then flick down to the smallest size. This means that the player object touches the beam for the least amount of time and hence minimises the damage taken.

Be careful when changing to a smaller size when covering a beam. Make sure that the player circle is as central as possible so that you don't miss capturing some of the beam's energy. This is vital when going for Perfects!


Tip 6: Slowing time with the Quell Powerup.

Quell is the first Powerup to be unlocked, and it is the weakest.

But, it is an essential tool on some of the stages for achieving a Perfect.

Use it in situations where it's difficult to cover ground quickly enough. You can also use it to reduce information overload and get a tricky sequence memorised.

Also, just use it because it's a cool effect!


Tip 7: Clearing damage with the Fortify Powerup.

Fortify is the second Powerup to be unlocked. Its use is fairly obvious - it removes dark energy damage.

When first unlocked it will allow you to remove half of the maximum damage. When upgraded, activating it will clear all the damage.

Fortify is the "go to" Powerup for beginning players because it helps them get through the levels. But, it becomes redundant for players who are trying to achieve Perfects because they don't want to be taking any damage at all.

However, if you are score-chasing and trying to top the leaderboards then Fortify can take some of the burden of risk when aiming to collect as much as possible at the largest size (and hence at the highest score multiplier.) REMEMBER: Hitting dark energy does NOT reduce your score.

It's worth pointing out that, on many of the levels, it's possible to score much higher than the 3rd-star score. But, you have to take damage (and control that risk) to do so.


Tip 8: Spinny Spinners.

Spinners come in lots of variations. They have a minimum of 2 spokes and a maximum of 8. The later in the game, the more spokes they have.

As you will know, or will find out, the configuration of spokes is very varied. Some are harder to deal with than others. And, spokes can be different lengths.

Where the spokes are mixed energy types you need to figure out what size of player circle can fit between them. Dealing with a 7-dark/1-light Spinner is very tough. (If you can believe it, it used to be more difficult. I increased the capture tolerance just before I submitted the game!)

If you are having trouble with Spinners then try using the size-changing mechanic. Approach when small and size up and down very quickly to expand into the space where the light spoke is and contract back down again before next dark spoke comes around. Mastering this technique is one of the keys to Perfects.

A couple of other details that should be clear: all Spinners always rotate at the same speed and they disappear if they lose all their spokes.


Tip 9: Blasting 'em up.

The Blast Powerup is very useful. It destroys dark energy within its explosion radius. But, importantly, it has no effect on light energy - this just passes through the explosion.

It can be used in a moment of panic to stop lots of dark energy hitting you but really the idea is to figure out which levels it's most suited to and use it at the most effective point. Use it amongst a mix of light and dark energy, go large and rack up the points!!

A subtle effect of Blast Powerup, that some players will have noticed, is that Pulsers become permanently light. They stop flashing and changing if they have been affected by the explosion. This makes Blast a very useful tool on the Pulser-heavy levels (like 8 - "Bubbles" and 40 - "Don't Blink").

And, keep playing and winning stars to unlock the upgraded Blast. Its explosion radius is twice the size.

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