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A range of ways to help you make your game...

Game Development


Red Phantom Games lives and breathes the creation of video games and is currently working on "Gearshifters". Since inception, the company has self-published "Minutes" on PlayStation 4 and Vita and assisted with the creation of more than ten other titles on a mix of platforms - mobile, console and PC.

Get in touch to see how we might be able to assist with your project. 


We can port your game from any platform to another. This is often a complex process with user interface, performance and platform compliance issues to deal with. We can deliver your title on alternate gaming devices whether you've developed it with Unity, Unreal, GameMaker or another engine, including one of your own creation. A port can be a direct copy or an enhanced version based on your own requirements and/or our Game Design Review. 

Game Programming


Do you need some extra coding resource on your project? Or perhaps technical direction? We are skilled in C++ and C#,  architecture, game systems, gameplay programming, user interface, audio, tools and build pipeline. Unity, Unreal, GameMaker Studio, Monogame and bespoke game engines are all familiar territory.

Platform Compliance

Red Phantom Games is a registered developer for PlayStation, XBox, and Nintendo consoles. We can guide you through the pitfalls of platform compliance and help your project pass through submission with fewer headaches than usual. This service is especially useful for first-time developers on these platforms.


Game Design Review

We provide an assessment service for game designs. Reviews and feedback can be performed on documentation or working games: early concepts, pre-production or full designs, working prototypes to near-final builds. We deliver as an objective view as possible within the context of modern game design.

Development Process

It's widely acknowledged that game development is difficult. Allow us to assist you with your process. We can help with your approach in any part of the development cycle. Our techniques are based on experiences from developing games for over 21 years and utilise waterfall and agile ideas adapted into practical and realistic project management mechanisms suitable for game creation.


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